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The words above are a few ways to describe the experience of giving the gospel inside a prison...especially if you have never done prison work before. Many first-time volunteers leave surprised at how much of a mission field lies beyond the fences. We would love to have your help with the tournament near you! Inside the Lines cannot operate without the sacrificial help of our volunteers. Because we travel all over the United States we need men and women to play, help keep score, officiate, or simply counsel during the gospel message. Come join us even if you have no idea how to play sports. Our long term goal is that volunteers that come with us would be burdened to continue working with the inmates on a regular basis. 

Testimony from a Volunteer:

"Although I have witnessed to plenty of people before, it was a first for me to stand before grown men crying in front of me as they responded to the Word of God just preached. I've been the one crying before but I've never had the humbling experience of ministering to someone else in that situation. All I could do was to go over the gospel again and pray with them, leading a sinners prayer.  I felt overwhelmed then and as I reflect on it many hours later I'm still overwhelmed.  It's an experience I will not soon forget. Thank God and thank you for wanting Him to use you through this ministry."

--Keith from Jupiter, Florida. 

Here is what you should be prepared for in helping with an Inside the Lines tournament. 


  • Be willing to give your personal information (Date of birth, Social Security number) to the prison. 

  • Pass a background check.  

  • Be flexible. Conditions at prisons change rapidly and we always place ourselves under the authority of those in command. 

  • Be teachable in order to help with any area of the actual tournament. 

  • Spend much time in prayer that God would do "great and mighty things."

  • Be prepared spiritually to lead an inmate to the Lord. 

  • Be willing to sacrifice some time. Tournaments range in length from 1 day to 3 days and can take place at various times during those days.


Here is the process in helping us with a tournament: 


  1. Fill out the volunteer registration form below--Even if you can only participate one of the days or if there is a chance you may not be able to come. It is better to be approved through the prison system in case you can come. ​​​​(Inside the Lines uses "ClickUp"--an online form program to securely keep your information)

  2. After you fill out the volunteer registration form you will receive a confirmation email/phone call from Jonathan Washer giving you more details on the tournament you have signed up to help with. 

  3. Most tournaments run from about 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. so mark it on your calendar to be prepared.  

  4. About a week from the tournament Jonathan will give you all the information you need to be prepared for the tournament.  Be sure to check your email often. 

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