Inside the Lines Summer Program


How would you like to play basketball as part of a ministry?

Join the "Off the Bench" team as we:

  • Play full court basketball games against prison inmates in several different states.

  • Staff a week of basketball camp for unchurched teens from around the U.S.

  • Travel to Peru on an optional mission's trip to hold some sports outreaches.

The Details

May 11-30, 2020

How many players are needed?

Inside the Lines is looking for 6-7 college-age guys to travel for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer (May 11-30, 2020). We are not necessarily looking for incredible basketball players. We would love to win every game we play but that is not our ultimate goal. We are looking for guys who love God and want to use their God-given talents to give the gospel to men who desperately need to hear the truth.

What is the cost?

We ask that each team member raise $300 support from friends and family to help pay for gas, food, and any lodging needs.

What are the details for the basketball games?

We will be competing against at least 1 prison per day while we are on the road. During every tournament the gospel will be preached by Jonathan Washer and the team members will assist in giving the gospel to the inmates. Team members will also have an opportunity to give their salvation testimonies. During the evening while traveling, the team will either be practicing as a team or evangelizing the community using basketball.


Is going into a prison dangerous?

The staff at Inside the Lines have hosted basketball tournaments in 6 different states and over 50 different prisons. Never at any point was their safety in question. The inmates are always thrilled that we are there and enjoy the fellowship with "free world" people. That being said, all team members joining us during the summer will still be thoroughly trained in what to expect inside of a prison.

What else do I need to travel with Inside the Lines?

Every team member must be 18 or older and will be required to pass a background check in each of the states being visited.

Each team member will need to bring his own bedding.


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